Network of Professionals

CSMP – Is our Contract Safety Manager Program. A CSMs are a team of highly skilled consultants assigned to each account and they become, in whole or in part, your safety department. Our CSM consultants have extensive experience in a diversity of fields ranging from:

Power Generation,
Oil Field
& Distribution.

CEMP – Is our Contract Environmental Management Program. Our CEMs consultants are there to assist you during those critical times when you really need an Environmentalist but don’t have the capital to hire one full time. Such times include:
Air and Water Permitting,
ISO accreditation,
SARA Title Filing
Hazardous Waste Reduction
Waste Stream Minimization
TCEQ Continuing Education Credits of Water and Wastewater Operators

CHRMP – Is our Contract Human Resource Manager Program. Because of the direct connection between Safety and Human Resources, Baldwin EH&S has a Contract HR Program to fill the many needs of the HR Department. It is critical to have someone in your HR department who knows and understands the many facets of safety and loss prevention / loss control.

OSSM – Is our On-Site Safety Manager Program. Many Construction Projects, Plant Turn Abounds and Overhauls, Power Plant Outage Projects will need to have a Safety Manager on-site through the duration of the project. Our OSSM programs provides you exactly that person. See the Projects page for a listing of past projects

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