Job Hazard Analysis

The Job Hazard Analysis is designed as an evaluation guide for specific tasks. Its primary function is to identify those aspects of a particular job which might adversely affect Safety, Quality, or Productivity. The Job Hazard Analysis is to be completed by the personnel most familiar with the task being evaluated, based on their personal knowledge, on discussions with employees, and on observations made when the task is performed.

The Baldwin EH&S Analysis has four parts:

  1. General Information: Identifies the specific task being analyzed.
  2. Environmental Factors: List items which could affect a worker's health, comfort, or performance. Where specific information is available (temperature, sound level, type of personal protection, etc.) it should be noted in the space provided.
  3. Physical Task / Body Motions: Identify the physical demands placed on any worker performing the task.
  4. Task Performance Factors: Broken down into:
    • Successive steps
    • Potential problems from a Safety, Quality, and Production
    • The "best" procedure for completing the segment of the task